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5 Aerocity hotel bars may reopen soon

Five hotel bars in the Aerocity area near the IGI Airport which were shutdown after a Supreme Court order banning sale of liquor within 500 metres of highways, may reopen soon as a Delhi government committee has found they are beyond the distance limit.

A four-member committee of the Delhi Excise Department has recommended restoring their licences after it found that these hotel bars fall beyond 500 metres of the national highway. The committee was formed last week to look into grievances of some restaurants and bar-owners whose shops had to shut after the Supreme Court order. Some bar-owners claimed their establishments were beyond the 500-metre limit set by the apex court.

They had also made a representation before the Excise Commissioner. Sources said the committee has submitted its interim report wherein it recommends restoration of licences of the five hotel bars. The committee will submit final report in some time as it is yet to verify the claims of some of the affected hotel and restaurants bars. “The Committee again measured distance of affected bars from highway and it was found that they are located beyond 500 metres from the national highway,” an official said.

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