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30 Trendy Food-Related Buzzwords

By Baum & Whiteman

Here's a summary of food-related buzzwords whose profiles are rising during the first half of 2017.

 Blended burgers to reduce meat content
 Cotton candy on desserts S
yringes for injecting flavor (into sushi, frozen desserts, fried snacks)
 Thai rolled ice cream

 Potentially silly one-item specialty restaurants:
Cream cheese
Ice tea
Raw cookie dough (expanding but for how long?)
Bubble waffle ice cream cones
 Modern Indian fast-casual dining
 Charred bitter flavor profiles
 Honeycomb Alcohol-infused desserts
 Labne New life for churros
 Plant/vegetable "butchers"
 Globalized ice cream flavors
 Sushi burgers in rice cakes
 Frozecco and Frosé Seaweed Jackfruit

 "Up-cycling" -- making food from kitchen discards
 Philippine cuisine Purple yams (ube)
 "Plant-based" everything (we're waiting for cruelty-free harvesting)
 Hemp "Goth foods" turned black using activated charcoal

 Need more information? Call Michael Whiteman at 718 622 0200. If you've got additions to this list, please send them on. Baum+Whiteman creates high-profile restaurants around the world for hotels, restaurant companies, museums and other consumer destinations. Based in New York, their projects include the late Windows on the World, the magical Rainbow Room, and the world's first food courts. They also run F&B trends seminars for major hotel and restaurant companies. Contact: Michael Whiteman