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Why Pop-Up Hotels are in Fashion

Staying in an air-conditioned luxury shelter at a music festival or a bespoke yurt in the Andes seemed like a distant thought even just a few years ago.

Now, both experiences have become a reality for a small but growing group of festival goers and travelers thanks to pop-up hotels. “Pop-up hotels offer adventure seekers an exciting travel experience they can post about on their social media accounts,” says Geraldine Guichardo, Americas Head of Hotels Research for JLL. “Music festivals in particular are driving the opportunity for pop-up hotels to exist.” Marriott’s partnership with Coachella, a California music festival that takes place in the Colorado Desert, provides an ideal way to bring a perk to its loyal members — glamping (glamorous camping) tents complete with electricity, air-conditioning, and comfy beds.

With only eight of these tents set up for the 2017 event, potential guests could either purchase a tent night or use loyalty reward points to bid on a chance to win a one-night stay. “One of the strongest benefits a brand like Marriott gains from having pop-up hotels is that it can design and personalize each tent by recreating a brand from its portfolio,” says Guichardo. “Another benefit is the potential of winning new guests. A guest that has never stayed in a Marriott hotel may be more inclined to stay in a Marriott after having experienced the brand through a pop-hotel. The allure comes from having experienced the brand in a unique, non-traditional tent environment.” Offering unique experiences around the world.

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